Hey! I'm David.

This is where you'll find the things I do and the notes I write.

I'm a second-year Ph.D. student at Stanford University in the Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering. You've probably seen me if you live in the area; I'm the guy with the big hair and the ukulele. On the rare occasion that I'm not holding an impromptu uke concert, I also participate in slightly less impromptu vocal performances.

I previously studied mathematics, physics, computer science, and scientific computing at Vanderbilt University. If you were a freshman in 2015, you might have known me as the guy who played guitar in the Hank House north stairwell. (I had to downsize when I flew out to Cali couldn't fit my guitar on the plane.)


If you see any weird blanks on this website, especially in the Notes section, try refreshing the page. Some web browsers need two tries to render equations properly.

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